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Nov 2018, 13:09. Hallo zusammen! Ich möchte euch meine Winchester Model 1873 Short Rifle vorstellen. Die aktuellen Unerhebelrepetierer von Winchester werden in Japan bei Miroku gebaut. In amerikanischen Foren oft als Japchester belächelt, ist die Verarbeitungsqualität herausragend und besser als bei jeder je in New Haven gebauten Winchester Not to worry, however, as in our experience the Miroku made Winchester lever actions are the best ever. Miroku has long produced fine Browning firearms, including high grade Citori O/U shotguns, and their quality and workmanship is renowned around the world. This new Winchester Model 1873 is no exception; it is exquisite. In fact, Winchester claims that the new 1873's are ready for Cowboy Action competition in every way I recently picked up a new Winchester (Miroku) 1873 - I was pretty proud of it and mentioned it on another thread or two. Anyway, I put about 150 rounds (~50 each, .38 Spl, .38 +P, and .357) through it Saturday, so I thought I'd write up a little bit about it. The Good - This is the sporter model. Case colored receiver, lever and forearm cap. Upgraded walnut stock. I know this is cliche, but wood to metal fit is like the wood grew there. Fantastic fit and finish

Winchester Model 1873 Short Rifle (Miroku-Fertigung

  1. Chambered in various cartridges, ranging from .25-20 Winchester through .44-40 Winchester, the Model 1873 was really a pistol-caliber rifle. It did not compete with the big-bore single-shot rifles and lever actions favored by big-game hunters in the Rockies and on the buffalo ranges. High cartridge capacity, light recoil, and good-enough ballistic performance for use out to 100 yards or a bit more were the Model 1873's forte
  2. Although made with a hardwood stock, the Model 1873 was not overly burdensome to shoulder. Winchester is heavily marketing this rifle to the Cowboy Action shooters
  3. We reviewed one of these new Winchester Model 1873 Sporters with a color case hardened receiver in caliber .357 Magnum late in 2013 and found it to be another very high quality product. This is not surprising, considering the many fine Browning and Winchester brand firearms Miroku has manufactured since the 1960's. That review can also be found on the Product Reviews page

Winchester Model 1873 Sporter - CHUCKHAWKS

  1. gton I would not buy sight unseen
  2. Miroku Winchester Mod.1873. Kaliber: .357 Mag Zustand: neu Anbieter: Jagd- & Sportbedarf Jürgen Jöst. Neuwaffe mir Garantie 1.525,00 EUR* 1. Artikeldetail
  3. Winchester 1873 - Worth The Wait. The original Model 1873 was one of Winchester's most popular rifle designs, manufactured from 1873 well into more modern smokeless-powder times, and it was dropped from production after a 50-year run in 1923, with over 720,000 produced. When the company decided to resurrect the line using the Miroku factory in Kochi, Japan, several different configurations were eventually produced, but none were true carbines. Until now, that is
  4. The new Model 1873 as manufactured by Japan's Miroku-the maker of numerous Browning and Winchester lever-actions and single-shots, as well as Browning's Citori-is a faithful continuation and.
  5. The 1873 Winchester shown here is beautifully polished, and the wood is fitted very well, with only a slight bit of proudness where it meets the blued steel. The action is, as expected, butter-smooth. There are no visible tool marks, and the rifle's metal is finished flawlessly, as I have come to expect from Miroku. The '73 weighs in at seven pounds, seven ounces on my scale. The trigger pull is perfect, releasing crisply with slightly over two and three-quarters pounds of.
  6. e does not have). It was well done, like Miroku makes most of their guns. The Winchester version seems to weigh and balance the same as the Italian makes. I like all of the 1873's models, but if.

Val Forgett II, the head honcho at Navy Arms takes a new, in-the-white Winchester Model 1873 fresh from the Miroku factory then has one of several outside gunsmiths add a traditional color case hardening finish. The depth and pattern that results is simply breathtaking 2600,--€ inkl. verbautem Federnsatz. Miroku Winchester 1873 Zubehör. Doppelfeder für System und Abzug. Systemfedern / Schenkelfedern für Lever und Lifterarm. Schlagbolzenverlängerung / Firing Pin Extension ohne Sicherung. Schlagfeder / Hammerfeder reduziert. Aluminium Lift .357 Magnum. Siehe Winchester Miroku 1873 Zubehör I recently (May 2018) purchased a Winchester 1873 Trapper with a color case hardened receiver in .357 and I am very pleased with it. It looks great, is reliable, and more than accurate enough for me even with .38 Specials. I'm sure that not everyone agrees but it doesn't bother me in the least that it was made in Japan. Back in the early 1970's I purchased a then new Winchester 1894 carbine and it was of rather poor quality compared to my Miroku Winchester Picked up a brand new Miroku Winchester 1873 in .45 Colt. Here is a quick video of its first shots out of the box

Neuauflage der legendären Winchester 1873. Mit verstärkten Kniegelenken, sauber geschliffenem Systemkasten und tollen Passungen hebt sich diese Mirokufertigung deutlich von den Italo-Repliken ab. Wer also schon viele Jahre auch eine echte 73er gewartet hat wird jetzt endlich glücklich ! Magazin-Kapazität 10 Schuss Lauflänge 20 Zoll, Rundlauf Gesamtlänge 39 Zoll Gewicht 3,3 kg. The new Winchester 73 felt, looked and shouldered like the classic model. The smooth walnut stock and forearm were inviting and warm to the touch. The deep, dark bluing of the receiver and barrel.

New Winchester 1873 - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly The

Fits the Winchester Miroku 1866 and 1873 Rifles Only. Firing Pin manufactured with extra length. Fitting and Tuning Required on BOTH Firing Pin and Spring. Proudly Made in the USA. Firing Pin and Spring: $35. Firing Pin Only: $16. Spring Only: $22. 5 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.6 / 5 ( Show All The Winchester Model 1873 lives on with the company adding a new sporter to its line. Of all American guns few are as iconic as the Winchester Model 1873. The lever-action rifle, after all, was the Gun that won the west. The carbine's heyday as a military firearm and a tool for taming the American frontier might be over, but the demand for the historic rifle is as brisk as ever. So.

Winchester Model 1873

WINCHESTER; Lever action rifle beloved over 140 years. The definition of Legend. Very special octagon-barreled Model 1873 with a stunning cased colored receiver. Standard spec. Type of gun Lever Action Rifle Gauge, Calibe 45 Colt Barrel length 24 PRODUCTS LIST . JP EN. PRODUCTS. FEATURES; SHOTGUNS; RIFLES; SCOPES; BRANDS; PRODUCT LIST; MIROKU QUALITY. UNTIL THE PRODUCT IS MADE; INTERVIEW. The 1873's are my favorite leverguns and I have a few+, but all are ooooold. Here's my favorite one - because it's so rare and somewhat odd: Winchester 1873 Musket, .44-40, born in 1891. 1873 Winchester Musket .44-40 c. 1891.jp Winchester 1873 set by James Gordon 1866 s.r.c. Winchester Rifles Extra Finish 1886 SRC 50cal and Colt Lightning SRC 50. Here's one for Bert New Purchase from a Newbie here. Spectacular plated 1894's WINCHESTER 1873 very suspicious very short rifle 1894 Winchester Carbine made in 1921 - B

The Winchester 1866 Short Rifle has a 20-inch barrel. The Winchester 1866 didn't get all the glory that the 1873 Winchester did, but it did see a lot of use, on all sides and by all parties. If you want to keep a bright contrast up front, it wouldn't take much to have a gunsmith fabricate and install a German silver blade to replace it. Shortly after, .38 WCF (.38-40) and .32 WCF (.32-20) were added. You'll avoid the hordes of shoppers sucking up AR-15s, and just maybe your mild interest will evolve into something closely resembling lust. More Info; Handguns typically arrive.

Winchester Model 1873 Review: The Classic Lever Gun Is Bac

The Model 1873 Winchester is the most beautiful rifle of the 19th century. Our test gun came from Taylor's & Company. The original 1873 rifle was a tremendous success for Winchester. They produced 720,610 over an amazing 50-year production run. Any gun produced over such a long period will exhibit some variations in its design. From the design of the dust cover, Taylor's replica appears to. Why on earth did or does Winchester/Miroku not make the the 1873 in 45 LONG COLT? With all the Cowboy Action Shooters out there you would think they would jump on this. I do know that Marlin makes a swell and more accurate 45 in the 1894 but the lines on the gun just do not conjure up images of the old west. At least from where I am sitting

{ Things You Should Know About Shooting an 1873 Winchester } Ammunition. One of the most critical things to a lever action rifles operating efficiency is the over all length of the cartridge. Winchester rifles were designed to operate optimally with a cartridge length of 1.600. Winchester's repeating magazine is operated by a carrier block which captures a round from the magazine tube and. 1873 Winchester Lever; 45 Colt. I have a new Uberti 1873 Comanchero (Taylor) in 45 Colt and a 20 octagon barrel, I used this past year in SASS matches. Decided SASS was not for me so decided to hunt it one time before selling it. Looking at all the 230 gr/14000 psi data I could find, I tested 15 different powders with my own 230 FN LBT bullet. Hardly any finish left on this old gal. The review gun was made in 1903. Even though there were new and stronger Winchester designs being made, the 1873 remained popular. One of the main reasons was the price. In 1900 you could buy a new '73 for around $12. The '94 sold for about $17 for comparison Winchester Miroku 1873 Lever Action Rifle 24 Color Case Hardened. Englischer Schaft. 24 8-Kant-Lauf. System Buntgehärtet, Lauf Brüniert. Perlkorn. Kal. .44-40. Lauflägen (mm-inch) 610-24. Basküle Stahl. Holzschaft klasse American Grade 2/3. Gesamtgewicht 3.2kg. Magazin kapazität 13. Lauf Rifled. Laufausführung Brüniert. Holz Ölgeschliffen. Die Definition von Legende. Bei Winchester.

Winchester/Miroku ~ Model 1873 ~

Winchester and Uberti Model 1873 Sporter carbines compare

Uberti Winchester 1873 und Ladehemmung (Erfahrungsbericht) Ike Godsey. Westerner. Reaktionen 3.113 Trophäen 1 Beiträge 6.180. 25. August 2014 #13; Zitat von Winch. Ich hätte noch eine Winchester 94 Trapper in 357 Mag abzugeben. Bei Interesse einfach melden. kannst du bitte bilder einstellen vom beiden seiten des systemkastens?-----Ike Godsey--- Just a grumpy old man with a gun ---moep. Among the current Miroku Winchesters, the 73 seems to be the only one without the dumbass unnecessary tang safety, which at times in the past was reported to sometimes tie the rifles up. The 73 also, according to reviews, has a good trigger pull. Modern steel makes the .357 version workable, but I still wouldn't run hot mags through it on a regular basis myself. Be prepared for a lot of hate. WINCHESTER; Lever action rifle beloved over 140 years. The definition of Legend. Very special octagon-barreled Model 1873 with a stunning cased colored receiver. Standard spec. Type of gun Lever Action Rifle Gauge, Calibe 45 Colt Barrel length 24 PRODUCTS LIST . JP EN. PRODUCTS. FEATURES; SHOTGUNS; RIFLES; SCOPES; BRANDS; PRODUCT LIST; MIROKU QUALITY. UNTIL THE PRODUCT IS MADE; INTERVIEW. As mentioned in a previous report of SHOT Show rumors, Winchester Repeating Arms is re-introducing the classic Model 1873 short rifle in 2013. Â Considered by some as the gun that won the west, the new version of the classic lever action rifle will be chambered for the .357 Magnum and will also short the mild .38 Special cartridge

Winchester Sporter 1873 Actually had some buyer's remorse before the rifle arrived at my FFL... but since receiving it, I am now real happy with the purchase. mtman59714 was correct in that the Miroku factory address is located on the barrel... and that is a minus, in my book. However, in the past, I have been extremely pleased with Miroku's. Winchester 94 L/H/T Shim Kit. 6 Pak Kit $11.00 USD 12 Pak Kit $18.00 USD 18 Pak Kit $21.50 USD 24 Pak Kit $25.00 USD 2 Shims $6.00 USD 4 Shims $9.00 USD. Choose Assortment Shim Pak. Our Standard Assortment Finger Lever / Hammer Only Trigger Only Front Link Only OTHER - You Specify. Enter Choice / Request Below Hi Leut,hat jemand Erfahrung mit den folgenden UHR im Kaliber .44-40 ? Hergestellt werden die von der Firma Miroku in Japan soviel ich weis !Verwendung: CAS - Winchester 1866 Yellow Boy- Winchester 1873 Sporter Case ColoredMfgHowi Made for Winchester in Japan, the modern 1886 is a visually appealing rifle with nice fit and finish. It comes in two flavors: the classic-looking case hardened 45-70 Govt. and ported blued finish 450 Marlin. Long sight radius, strong action, and powerful chamberings make this gun a contender for hunting or defense. 45-70 Govt. has [ The above review is very good! I really can't add much to it. Yet I believe that some assessments may not be the way I would go as a buyer. As a farmer I would way rather have a new Winchester and work it hard rather than a Rossi. The Miroku built 1873, 1892 and 1994s are very nicely done. The 1892 is the lightest and BEAUTIFULLY done. I myself.

New Winchester Miroku 1873 or Marlin 1894cb - SASS Wire

I've owned multiple 1873's (all Uberti's). I'm down to two, a 357 and a 45 Colt. I love them. Both of the ones I own are 20 barrels and I like the balance better than the 24 I used to own. As has been noted there are some slight mechanical differences between the modern Winchester (Miroku) version and the Uberti version. Somewhere inside the. Winchester Rifle Cabela S Which 1873 Miroku Or Uberti Sass Wire Sass Wire Forum Picture 12 Of 12 My Ebay Gutie Rene Winchester Lever Action Uberti 1873 Cattleman Steel Buntline Target 45lc Revolver 18 Uberti 44 40 Rifle And Revolvers Review Guns Magazine Frontier Firepower Guns Magazine Shopping For A Winchester 1873 Ar15 Com Uberti 1873 Short Rifle 45 Colt For Sale 1873 Uberti Rifle Factory.

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1873 was a good year for guns in the Old West. The legendary Colt Single Action Army revolver was made available for the first time. The Army's decision to standardise on .45 calibre weapons saw the introduction of the Springfield Trapdoor rifle in .45-70 calibre and Winchester revolutionised the repeating rifle world with the introduction of the centre fire Model 1873 with its reusable. Marbles tang sight for the New Miroku (Japan) 1873 Winchester. Be the first to review this product. $118.29. In stock. Item Number. MAR009884. Add to Wish List. This Marble Arms windage adjustable standard tang peep sight is made for the Miroku made Winchester Model 1873. Use Marble mounting screws item number MAR995012 sold seperately Miroku 1886 Winchester Rifles For Sale. 7 days ago . 38 people watched. Winchester 1886 Rifle (.45-70) Up for sale is a used Winchester 1886 Rifle (.45-70) This item has a 26 octagon barrel and wood stocks; The bore is shiny to the naked eye and upon inspection with a bore scope sh (read more) Gunsamerica Therealestate24 View All ›› See more Winchester Lever Action Rifles 5 days ag

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Gun Test: The Winchester 1873 Carbine in

  1. Winchester Model 1892 Short Rifle Review - Shooting Times Here's one in .44 Mag . Reactions: Haggis. Hawkcreek Supporter. Supporter . Bushclass I. Joined Apr 29, 2010 Messages 3,368 Likes 4,739 Location Pacific N.W. Jan 5, 2017 #3 Two Winchesters and a Browning all made my Miroku (all carbines, 2 SRC's notice any difference haha). Japan or not these Miroku guns are VERY well made. The new.
  2. Aktuelle Fertigungsreihe aus den USA: Die legendäre 92er kehrt zurück. Aus Mirokufertigung in bewährter Qualität. Mit 10 Schuß Röhrenmagazin, Ölschaft und einem klasse Schlossgang. Bestellnummer: 534162141, 534162124 oder 53416213
  3. Winchester Miroku 1873 deluxe take down trapper color case octagonal 16 barrel in 38/357 mag and another similar model 1892 also in 38/357. the 1873 are still available but gunprime increased the price from 1499 to 1699. I'm new to lever actions. Why the 1873 holds more rounds than the 1892 in the same size gun ? specs in the link
  4. (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review. Winchester WINCHESTER 1873 150TH COMM 44-40WIN. Rating Required. Name Review Subject Required. Comments Required. SKU: 534233140 UPC: MSRP: $3,329.99 $2,856.00 — You save $473.99.

Winchester (Miroku) 1873 Short Rifle in .45LC. For sale is a Winchester (made by miroku in Japan) 1873 chambered in .45 long colt. This is the case hardened model with grade 2-3 Walnut stock. Roughly 200 rounds through and near flawless visually except for unavoidable wear on lever, action and loading gate. Original specs can be found at Winchester did proof tests on the .30-40 Model 1895 at 60,000 psi, but that was, of course, not a service load. The modern Miroku-made 1895's, both Brownings & Winchesters, do fine with current .30-06 & .270 factory loads, many of which probably well exceed 47,000 psi MK60. MK60 UNIVERSAL SPORTING. MK60 SPORTING GRADE 5. MK60 SPORTING GRADE 5 20M. Diese leichte Jagdflinte (ca.3kg) mit festen Chokebohrungen 1st mit 66cm oder 71cm langen Läufen verfügbar. Die mit selektivem Einabzug ausgestattete Flinte hat Pistolgriffschaft und sehr leicht zu bedienen I tore this Winchester down completely today. I still haven't made it to the range yet, but my assessment so far is that the Miroku version of the Winchester '73 is sort of a product improvement project. It is not as authentic a copy of the original as their old 1892's and 1886's were, but the build quality is still top notch and a cut above.

This 1873 Carbine model is chambered for 44-40 Winchester and features a black walnut stock with a satin oil finish, blued steel strap buttplate, blued steel saddle ring, and has a ladder rear sight and blade front sight. This rifle also is drilled/tapped for an optional tang-mounted rear sight. Product Videos. Manufacturer Part # Gun Review; Gun Review: Winchester Model 1892 Short Rifle in .45 Colt. By. TTAG Contributor - February 27, 2020. 61. Facebook . Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Email. Courtesy Virgil Caldwell. By Virgil Caldwell. For most of my life I have owned a number of reliable, effective and useful handguns. I have obtained the best I could afford and they have served me well. I have also always kept on.

American Rifleman Winchester's 'New' Model 187

  1. Winchester 1873 Miroku Lever Action Rifle, Peep Tang Sight, height and sides adjustable, with 3 pinhole aperture different size, fastening screws 995012 including, Marble Arms USA. Rework is perhaps necessary - professional installation recommended
  2. Winchester Miroku 1873 24 oktagon Kaliber: .357 Magnum Zustand: neu...weitere Details. Gebrauchtwaffe im Kundenauftrag 150,00 EUR* 2 Anbieter: Jagd- & Sportbedarf. Smith&Wesson Military & Police Kaliber: .38 Spez Zustand: 3 - mittlere Gebrauchsspuren...weitere Details. Gebrauchtwaffe im Kundenauftrag 500,00 EUR* 2 Anbieter: Jagd- & Sportbedarf. Colt Colt Single Action Buntline Scout .22 lr.
  3. Winchester Model 1873 Short Rifle (Miroku-Fertigung . 1873: Blue: 80%: $14,900.00: 1890 Production 3rd Model 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine, Shows 80% Original Blue, Toning Blue on receiver, Carbine Sight, 85% blue Barrel, Wood is nice with the original finish, 3 piece cleaning Rod in butt, Excellent Bore, 156xxx: 44 WCF: 1873: Blue: 90%: $17,900.0 Description: For sale is a used and original.
  4. Fits the Winchester Miroku 1873 Rifle Only. Firing Pin manufactured with extra length. Fitting and Tuning Required on BOTH Firing Pin and Spring. Proudly Made in the USA. Firing Pin and Spring: $35. Firing Pin Only: $22. Spring Only: $16. 2 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 ( Show All
Video review of Winchester 1873 Short RifleWinchester (Miroku) ~ 1886 ~

Model 1873 Short Rifle from Winchester Repeating Arm

Miroku did not, on their own, decide to make reproductions. Instead, it is Browning and Winchester that have contracted some of their models to be built in the Miroku factory in Japan. If you want to avoid the tang safeties, get one of the Browning Winchesters (e.g., 1886 SRC 45-70) made in the 80's and 90's Winchester 1873 Miroku Fertigung, Top Qualität, 20 Short Rifle, Runder Lauf,Nußbaumschaft / Ölschaft, 10 Schuß Röhrenmagazin, Here is my from box to match review on the Winchester 1873 Short Rifle in .357 mag. Quick info, I ran it with no lever wrap. The stock sight are a semi buckhorn and a very small Marbles style bead, I struggled with seeing them well. But beyond that I was. Winchester/Miroku .45-70 Model 1886 Short Rifle review by Rocky Hays. Tokoloshe Safaris wrote on Milan's profile. Mn Fats, Dec 24, 2020 #3. more than a match for grizzly bear, bull elk and bison. It really bothers me on my Winchester/Miroku 92 so I dont know. The 1886 was the second John M. Browning design he created for Winchester. Alternatively, the owner can occasionally rub in a little.

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1873 Uberti or Winchester-Miroku Rifle 1866 Uberti Rifle 1873 & 1866 Carbine. Not sure of the fit? For a correct fit our craftsman recommends using string to measure around the base of the butt-plate. Mark where the strings meet, unfold, and measure the length. Be sure to also measure six inches down from the top of the gun butt towards the sight. Send us those two measurements along with the. The Winchester Model 1886 is a lever-action repeating rifle designed by John Browning. The idea was to have a lever-action rifle which could handle the more powerful cartridges of the era. The original intent was for the 1886 was to handle the U.S. Military 45-70 ammo. Later, the 1886 was chambered in 45-90 WCF, .40-82 WCF and .50-110 WCF A Model 94 Winchester in 30-30 will do a better job and is still a 19th century designed lever action. Winchester is still making these. Well, I should say there are new production 1873s with the Winchester name on them. They are being made by Miroku in Japan. You can check out our full review of the new one here Faithful Reproductions of the Winchester 1873 Rifle are now available from Miroku, a firearms company based out of Japan. This Particular Winchester 1873 is in the Short Rifle Configuration and comes in the venerable 45 Colt Cartridge. Check out this video to see more Details about this amazing rifle as it pertains to Cowboy Action Shooting and other western shooting sports Whether you are a.

Winchester 1866 miroku - detailed review of the winchesterNavy Arms is Back! A Collaboration with Winchester andWinchester 1873 CanadaWinchester 1866 Review

Gunslingers Magazine Reviews the Special Winchester 1873

Miroku has put out some excellent Winchester reproductions. I have one of the 1895 Winchester lever actions in .30-06 that has put a lot of venison in the freezer. Very accurate with a 150 gr. Hornady inter-lock bullet & 50 grains of Varget. Your 1873 looks very nice The Japchester's are a visual abomination of an 1873 Winchester (of which I own two, 1886 and 1888 manufactured), while the Uberti's are all but identical. The Miroku 1873 compared to an original 1873 is like comparing a 2005 Ford Thunderbird to a 1955 Ford Thunderbird; they're only the same in name. It's bad when there's that much of a physical difference in two rifles with the same model. A new 1892 Winchester (ok, Miroku) is $850. Save Share. Reply. locutus · Premium Member. Joined Dec 24, 2011 · 22,674 Posts #2 · Aug 2, 2018. 1892 by a mile. That's like comparing black powder (1873) to smokeless. (1892) There is, however, a line, beyond which tolerance ceases to be a virtue. Reactions: alsaqr, stalkingbear, jackrich3 and 1 other person. Save Share. Reply. Mercator.

Winchester /Miroku Model 71 NIB

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The Winchester Model 1873 engraved by Winchester's own master engraver John Ulrich and presented by William Cody, the man who gave the Wild West to the world, is to be auctioned by Rock Island Auction company over 9th-11th September 2016. This rifle brings together history, legend, and the reality of a man who believed in the equality of men and women of all races and who practiced what he. Winchester Miroku 1873 Rifle 24 Kal. .44-40. Preis 1.778,00 € Winchester Model 1892 Take Down Lever Action Rifle. Preis 1.699,00 € Browning Mod. BL 22 Grade 2 Kal. .22lr. Preis 695,00 € Stage Rifle Lever Action .22lr. Preis 349,00 € Buffalo Bills 1873 Rifle .44/40. Preis 1.739,00 € Ur-Henry 1860 Henry Rifle, Steel. .45LC/.44-40. Preis 1.722,00 € HEGE Uberti Short Rifle1866. Ab. Winchester 534200137 1873 Short Rifle Lever .357 MAG it 4 or 5 stars and the only reason I gave it 4 was because my experience validated a lot of peoples concerns with the miroku Winchester and that is parts availability. This is a rifle that I hope will be passed down for generations which is the only reason I bring up parts availability. Reviewed By: DAVID C on . 03/03/2018. Rating: 5 of. Awesome wraps! They add a nice touch to The Look of a lever gun. I ordered two two packs, and the black lever was perfect for my Henry repeating arms original Henry. The other two guns that I did were an Uberti replica 1873, and a Cimarron replica 1866 yellowboy. Both of those wraps needed to be trimmed about one hole in length. Installation. This is a NIB grade 4 Winchester 1873 in .44-40, made by Miroku of Japan under license from Winchester Gun Company. This run of rifles was made about 20 years ago (I am told) and was sold partially in the white, meaning that the frame, lever, barrel and other parts had no finish. This run of extra fancy 1873s was intended to serve as the basis for custom projects. This rifle wears new bone.

5 Reviews | Questions & Answers. Model: 534202137 Condition: Factory New Bud's Item Number: 90567 . UPC: 048702003592 . MFG: Winchester. Locate FFL: Fit Charts: Trade With Gurney: Suggest Edit: Winchester Model 1873 Short Rifle Color Case Hardened 357/38 - Maximum Quantity: 2 **Mouse over image above to zoom any area, or click on image to zoom the entire image. *Please Note!! Many of our. Diese Waffe ist relativ schwer zu organisieren, und wenn angeboten, schneller verkauft als man nachordern kann. Absoluter Favorit ist der Unterhebelrepetierer von Browning / Miroku Fertigung Modell BL22. Schaftlänge 34 cm, Lauflänge 20, Hochglanzbrünierung, Perlkorn, Klappkimme, 11mm Prismennut auf dem Systemgehäuse. Kurzer Repetierweg. BROWNING INTERNATIONAL S.A. © 2020 Parc industriel des Hauts-Sarts, 3ème Avenue, 25, B-4040, HERSTAL, BELGIUM R.P.M.- Liège : 0430.037.22 Winchester Miroku 1873 Rifle 24 Kal. .44-40. Preis 1.778,00 € Buffalo Bills 1873 Rifle .44/40. K.T.W Winchester M 1873 Carbine - 240 fps für USD 170,- = 118,- €, aber leider Sold out. Und das tollste kommt zum Schluß: ein Peacemaker mit wunderschönen weißen Griffen und Beschriftung auf dem Lauf: COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY 45 für lächerliche 87,- US-Dollar. Der sieht ja beinahe schöner. Miroku winchester 1873 Clay shooting shotgun with balanced features and beauty. Sharp trigger mechanism, uniform pattern with long press cone, delicate laser engraving, different laser engraving and hand engraving by craftsmen on both sides of the receiver. You can adjust the height of the comb by means of an adjustable comb stock. Gun over and under shotgun gauge, calibe 12Ga type. Barrel.

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